By train: Maastricht is directly connected to Amsterdam and Utrecht via Other connections go via train (RE18) /bus (Limburgliner 350) to Aachen or via train to Liège. Check for infos.

By airplane: Maastricht has a small airport served by Ryanair. Other possibilities are:

  • Eindhoven Airport and then by train (ca 1:30h) or KLM bus
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and then by train (ca 3h) or KLM bus
  • Düsseldorf Airport via train to Düsseldorf train station (ca 15min) and then by IC bus (ca 1:50h, only rides few times per day) or Flixbus
  • Brussels Airport via train with a change in Liège (ca 2h)
  • Cologne Airport via train with change in Cologne and Aachen (ca 2:30-3h) or directly via Flixbus (ca 2h)

By car: A2 (from Eindhoven/Amsterdam to Liège) and A79 (from Aachen) merge north of Maastricht. Be sure to watch out for the new tunnel which can be confusing especially with outdated navigation systems. Coming from the north, keep right and don’t enter the tunnel. Take Exit 53 and go left on Terblijterweg. There is free parking spaces at the Hotel.